The Last Airbender 2 (Earth) and M. Night Shyamalan

"Dark, elaborate and rich", these are the descriptions M. Night Shyamalan gave for The Last Airbender 2 (Earth). The second sequel to the Airbender trilogy is expected to perform well at the box office, surpassing its first counterpart which just grossed over $58 million dollars in the U.S.

What M. Night Shyamalan Has to Say about The Last Airbender 2

The Last Airbender 2 (Earth) and M. Night ShyamalanRight in the middle of the poor reviews and gross income in the box office, M. Night Shyamalan is still off to writing and directing the second Airbender sequel: The Last Airbender 2. In an interview, M. Night Shyamalan revealed that the first script for the sequel of the movie was already written; the writer, director and producer also said he is "very pleased" with the second movie and describes it to have darker and more elaborate elements.

This time around, the movie is said to revolve around the secondary characters from the first movie. The movie also has a great antagonist in the person of Azula. Shyamalan also says Azula is the only character in the series that is "really negative".

But Still No Go Signal from the Big Boss

The Last Airbender 2 (Earth)But Shyamalan's work on the second and even the third sequel is still "unofficial"; Paramount studios has yet to give the go signal for the movie production. One factor seen for this "delay" or "uncertainty" is the poor performance of the first movie which only grossed about $319,713,881 worldwide and only $58 million dollars in the U.S. Last 2010, one of the movie producers, Frank Marshall, said the Airbender sequels were not cancelled. January of the following year, and he has yet to share any information or news about the status of the second Airbender sequel. New information and the latest status on the second Airbender movie seem to evade the viewers and expecting fans.

First Impressions Last

Why concrete information on the status of the second Airbender film continues to elude fans and movie goers may be due to the "not so good" first impression left by the first movie franchise. Fans became excited upon hearing the news that the popular Nickelodeon animated series would have a cinematic rendition. However, most movie goers and fans came out of the cinema quite unpleased and disappointed with the movie adaptation.

The first Airbender movie received poor reviews, most of which pertain to the "character misfits" and the failure of the movie to capture the essences of the original characters. Most fans and movie critics also say the first movie franchise is rid of good plot and good construction; the actors seemed not to play the characters well and their emotions were quite missing. Most fans also came disappointed because the adaptation did not seem to capture the characters of the original series.

The movie characters were "empty" and "cold" compared to the dynamic, comedic, awkward and attached characters of the original series. The film failed to depict the chemistry between the main characters Aang, Katara and Sokka, and the personalities that define each and every one of them. Aang, for example is known to be fun loving, care free and innocent in the series, however the film seemed to have depicted him as a serious, cold and dark kid. The funny and adventurous chemistry between the three while completing their harrowing journey were also not properly depicted. This disappointed several fans who became fond of the original series.

Because of the poor rendition of a series most have come to love and enjoy, the much awaited avatar film became a failure.

What's Next for M. Night Shyamalan

Upcoming movie projects for M. Night Shyalaman include a project with Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. It is a sci-fi futuristic movie about a child that navigates around an abandoned scary Earth in search of his father who was lost due to a ship crash. The film is set 1000 years into the future and revolves around the young boy's survival and search for his father in a scary and seemingly hostile Earth. M. Night Shyamalan says the opportunity to work with Will Smith and son Jaden is his "dream project". There is still no news on the status of The Last Airbender 2, the second sequel to the Airbender movie which he is said to direct and produce.

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